Scottie Odroid N2 SD Card Image


Get your Scottie Globemaster SDR up and running quickly and reliably using our 'Turn Key' SD Card image file. Operates only with the Odroid N2 single board computer, details may be found here

Key Features:

  • Removes all the hassle of loading software on to a computer and getting the configuration to work reliably
  • The pre-installed applications have undergone rigorous testing
  • Fully integrated Ham Radio System operating with the Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Operating System which is Internet capable

Pre-installed applications:

  • Quisk SDR - fully supported 'zero' latency CW operation and many, many other features
  • Fldigi (Fast light digital) - two-way data modem
  • WSJT-X - for weak-signal radio communication
  • QSSTV - utility for dealing with slow scan television signals
  • JS8Call - provides weak signal keyboard to keyboard messaging for amateur radio operators
  • All digital applications are fully integrated with the Quisk SDR GUI and the Scottie Globemaster SDR hardware

A complete system only requires the Odroid N2, an SD Card (programmed with this image file), an HDMI display, power supply and optional keyboard and mouse. The above image shows the Scottie Globemaster SDR / CW Keyer, Odroid N2 SBC Mini PC and 7 inch HDMI Display running the Scottie Odroid N2 SD Card Image.

The price for the SD card image is to cover the following:

  • Ongoing image file development
  • Ham Radio applications configuration files and test
  • Free updates
  • We will provide technical support, although we advise contacting the relevant forums for support for the pre-installed applications
  • Our server hosting costs

(the application software and Linux OS are free of charge)

Please note that the SD Card image may be used with other radios although we recommend the Scottie Globemaster.

The Scottie Odroid SD Card also comes with comprehesive Operators Guide Documentation

Note this item is the image file only, a 32GB SD card must also be purchased separately. We recommend the SanDisk Extreme 32GB card.

As soon as an order is received we will email a link to the image file for the customer to download (approx file size 3.6GB)

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