Scottie Globemaster (kit option 4)

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  • High power, up to 38 Watts PEP on the HF bands 1.8 - 70 MHz and 2 Watts PEP 144- 1296 MHz.
  • A fabulous project for the avid builder, take ownership and enjoy!
  • This kit comprises a high quality multi-layer PCB, with immersion gold finish
  • Included in the kit is the micro processor with firmware pre-loaded
  • With the aid of the detailed Globemaster Reference Manual, and following the step by step build and test instruction sequence, the builder will complete this project with a wide band (1.8- 1296 MHz) Multi Mode SDR Transceiver
  • Kit 4 is NOT a standalone transceiver, it requires a host PC to operate
  • Reference Manual contents overview:
    • Construction procedure, recommended tools and test equipment
    • Transformer construction and winding details
    • Toroid filter winding details
    • Mechanical assembly details
    • RF PA optimisation
    • Band pass filter response data
    • UHF section components and optimisation
    • System setup notes
    • Driver installation, firmware update and local oscillator setup guides
    • Bill of materials
    • Schematics
  • Competence in SMD soldering skills essential (e.g. packages with lead pitch of 0.5 mm and leadless QFN parts)
  • Requires metal work skills e.g. accurate drilling, thread tapping
  • Ongoing technical support and firmware updates on
  • Strictly in accordance with the EULA an encrypted documentation package will be emailed during the order processing (a password will be emailed separately)


  1. Please note that aside from the supplied micro processor, the builder must purchase and fit all of the remaining components
  2. The builder must procure and fit a Si570 local oscillator as per their requirements. Recommended devices below:
    • HF bands from 1.8MHz to 4m fit Si570BBC000141DG (LVDS 280MHz) - UHF support of 144MHz and 220MHz
    • HF bands from 1.8MHz to 4m fit Si570BBB000141DG (LVDS 945MHz) - UHF support of 144, 220, 430 and 900MHz
    • HF bands from 1.8MHz to 4m fit Si570DBA000107DG (CML 1417MHz) - UHF support of 144, 220, 430, 900 and 1300MHz
  3. A suggested supplier for the Si570 device is
  4. The UHF capability requires the procurement and fitting of components in accordance with the UHF bill of materials

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